The Tarot Lady – My other business.  I have been reading the Tarot Cards professionally now for about two decades.  I provide gentle, no-nonsense guidance.  I believe we can all find a way to access our inner wisdom to live our lives better.  Make an appointment today and see what possibilities exist for you!  Email me at:
Other Favorite Links:
Yoga Journal – Yoga Journal is THE magazine for all yogis and yoginis.  Chock full of information, this mag helps my practice to grow and keeps me informed on what is happening in the yoga world!
Free Spirit Crystals offers a wide variety of healing crystals and stones as well as books, CDs, incense, jewelry, candles and gifts.  Our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you find the right combination of tools to fit your needs. 4763 N. 124th St. Butler, WI 53007.  Phone: 262-790-0748
Carrie Murphy – Carrie Murphy, LAc specializes in integrative internal medicine, working primarily with patients who are also undergoing biomedical treatment for diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, fibromyalgia, IBS, reflux, anxiety and insomnia. Her main focus is to help patients maximize their vitality while minimizing the number of medications and surgeries they have to undergo. Prevention is the highest form of Chinese medicine, and Carrie also enjoys working with patients who are not ill but feel the stresses of life are beginning to impact their well-being, and want to do something to avoid illness; and patients looking for support during times of healthy change such as pregnancy and menopause.  Call Carrie at (414) 389-8881 or email to schedule an appointment. The initial consultation is free: you can get all of your questions answered and there is no obligation to schedule an appointment.
Milwaukee Community Acupuncture provides quality, convenient and low-cost healthcare to members of our community. Our sliding scale of $15-$40 per treatment allows patients to receive acupuncture regularly enough and long enough to get better and stay better. Remedy Within – Tammi is a rare gem in the massage world. Her knowledge of the human body and deep tissue techniques coupled with her intuitive sense of her client’s needs make her massage therapy sessions unique.Tammi’s healing touch leaves her clients with the sense that they received more than just a massage; they gather a feeling of balance and harmony within. Phone (414) 687-0228.
Heffernan Chiropractic Clinic – Need an adjustment?  You’ll want to head to the good doctors at Heffernan Chiropractic Clinic if your skeleton is out of line!  Located in Waukesha.  I highly recommend you check out Dr. Jon Duris or Dr. Amy Elliot.  They rock!
DeWan Dental Wellness – Dr. DeWan is the ultimate dentist.  If you are afraid of dentists, have a problem mouth (I do!) or simply want the most high tech and ultra care possible, then this is your place!  I have been going to Dr. DeWan now for a few years and he is saving  my teeth!  He’s also known as an “artisan” in the cosmetic dentistry field.  Let him make you smile!