Classes + Schedule

Classes and Schedule

We offer semi-private and private lessons with a special focus on people who would like one on one attention as well as a safe, comfortable and non-intimidating atmosphere.  We are always mindful of people’s limitations and boundaries here – you are never pushed to do anything that is not appropriate for your body or issues. (You can even say no if you don’t feel “ready” for a pose!)  At Inner Divinity, there are no acrobatics, no pushy instructions, no force, no uncomfortable ‘adjustments’.  You can wear what you want (um, except nudity) and even keep your socks on.  I don’t even care if you bring a latte into class.  (Cell phones are a no-no though.)
Here is the current schedule (subject to change depending on availability):
Monday evening – 5:30PM – Hatha  Yoga
Monday evening – 7:00PM – Longer Practice
Wednesday evening 6:00 PM – Stress Relief Yoga

Our prices are as follows: $15.00 per class if you decide to pay each time you come. Or you can purchase a series of 4 classes for $50.00 (for a savings of $10.00!).
Because we are a small studio, we do not allow last minute drop-ins. It is imperative that we have an idea of when you wish to attend classes! Classes may be full, so a last minute drop-in runs the risk of being turned away at the door!  We have mats available, as well as other props. If you have your own, you are encouraged to bring them.
*If there is only one person in the class,  I will cancel the class.
At Inner Divinity, there is a focus on GENTLE PROGRESSION in your practice – if you need to get a ‘hardcore workout’, I will be more than happy to refer you to a teacher who may suit your needs.
HATHA YOGA- Suitable for all levels.  No matter what your yoga background – beginner to seasoned.  75 minutes of traditional hatha yoga.
STRESS RELIEF- While the class is still traditional hatha, there is a longer meditation, more breathwork and a focus on asanas that calm the mind and the body.  Let yoga help you unwind after a stressful day!
LONGER PRACTICE – This class is for those who are ready to take their yoga to the next level.  One and a half hours of asanas with a greater emphasis on deepening poses and longer holds.  Inversions are included in every class.  If you are unable to do inversions due to physical issues or pregnancy, you may want to refrain from this class.
All classes begin with centering and end with a meditation.  We like to have themes for each class that change every week (ex: backbends, peace, inversions). Every week, there is something new to learn and lots of laughter.  Come and experience the joy and challenge of yoga!