Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let Inner Divinity Yoga be your OM away from home!

Ever go to a yoga class and feel like a complete outsider in a sea of size zero contortionists?  Hate to take off your socks and wear shorts? Are you flexibly challenged and think yoga is not for you?   Sick of the pretentious yoga culture that insists you have to wear Prana clothing and listen to Enya when you’d rather have Eminem on the beatbox? Do some yoga studios feel like a boot camp or worse yet – like some solemn torture chamber where no one laughs or smiles?
I know how you feel.  I’ve been in studios where I’ve been the outsider.  I’ve even been yelled at in a few classes (once for bringing a bottled water!).  Which is why I created my studio!  Inner Divinity is a unique yoga studio that offers small classes with individualized attention for those who may not be comfortable in a large studio.  I welcome everyone here – no matter what your size, shape or physical limitations.   My goal is to make yoga accessible, fun and doable for all!
We practice Sucka Free Yoga here!  At Inner Divinity you will find no snobby attitudes, no pushy adjustments, no expectations – here you can be YOU.  I am not some holier than thou guru out to create a cult of ditto heads –  lighten up and be yourself!   I respect your limitations and will honor them.  I don’t care if you wear socks, I don’t care if you eat steak and I sure don’t care what your politics are – just get in here and get your stretch on in our friendly, low key and fun environment!
Our style is traditional Hatha Yoga with a non-traditional attitude.
What Is Hatha Yoga?
Hatha Yoga, sanskrit for the union (yoga) of sun (ha) and the moon (tha), is the physical practice of yoga which is designed to align body, mind and spirit.
In a hatha yoga class, postures (called asanas), breath control (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana) are used to purify the body and mind – bringing a state of bliss and health to the practitioner.