1.  Where are you located?
A:  We are located in Milwaukee, in the Riverwest neighborhood.
2.  What is your address?
A: We don’t provide the address on the website because we do not allow drop in clients.  Once you are accepted as a student, you will have the address.
3.  What is your phone number?
A: We don’t have a phone number.  All of our communication is through email.
4.  How can I get in a class if there are no permanent spots?
A: Email me and get on our mailing list!  Spots pop up all the time when regular students go on vacation – an on rare occasions, a permanent spot will become available. Email at: innerdivinity@wi.rr.com
5.  What is your yoga style?
A:  I teach traditional hatha yoga in a non-traditional manner.  I am very influenced by Iyengar yoga but don’t teach that style because of some of the limitations (no music, must wear shorts, etc.). There is no hot yoga here (I despise sweating).
Here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your yoga lessons:
1. Wear comfortable clothing. Leggings, sweat pants, or shorts with a t-shirt or tank top are all that you need. Be sure that the clothing is form fitting but not tight. Please do not wear belts. If you have long hair, please put it in a pony tail or braid.
2. Arrive a few minutes early to class. This gives you time to set up and use the bathroom before we begin. If you arrive late and class has already begun, you must wait outside until after centering is completed. Walking in late disturbs other student’s meditation and disrupts the flow! Please be timely!
3. Always let us know if you are experiencing any physical issues. We want your time here to be comfortable and safe! If you have a condition, you may want to get permission from your doctor before you begin. We are willing to work with your doctor to assure your safety – feel free to give our number to your physician.
4. You are welcome to bring your own mat, strap or blocks. If you do not have the equipment, we have plenty here for you!  Our mats and props are kept clean – so no worries about stink or nasties!
5. Please let us know in advance if you can (or cannot) attend your classes. Because we are a small studio, we do not allow any walk ins or last minute drop ins. If you show up unannounced, you run the risk of being turned away at the door. Classes here fill up quickly – reserve your spot in advance! If you reserve a spot but are inconsistent with your attendance, your spot may be given to another student. If this happens, your name will be on a waiting list for upcoming openings.
6. You may pay as you go or purchase packages. If you purchase a package but do not bother to use them, a refund will not be issued. We ask that you use your package up within a reasonable time period (usually 60 days).
7. This is a non-competitive environment. Do not worry about what the other students are doing. Yoga is about accepting who you are and where you are currently. This is not the place for ego, showing off or judging others (or yourself!). Please come with an open mind and a positive attitude. Personal politics are not welcome here – please respect everyone’s  differences and boundaries.  If you are disruptive to the peace and serenity of the class, I will open up a discussion with you.  If you continue to be a problem, you may be asked to leave.
8. If you feel that you are unsatisfied with the classes, feel free to discuss your concerns with us. We are always willing to open up a dialogue with you if you are in any way unhappy with our studio. Remember – this is your experience. We want it to be the best possible!
9. We practice the yama of non-grasping: you are not obligated in any way to our studio. You may take other classes at other studios with other teachers at any time that you desire. If you feel that our studio does not suit your tastes, then by all means, continue exploring your path until you find a place that feels like ‘home’ to you.
10. And lastly, have fun! Namaste!